What your employees want is Choice, Relevance, and Guidance.

What your employees want is Choice, Relevance, and Guidance.

September 26, 2017

What your employees want is choice, relevance, and guidance.

The HomeBenefitIQ Program (HBIQ) in Frederick Maryland,  provides a suite of online tools, educational resources and a dedicated team of local experts to assist your employees with their most valuable asset—real estate.  The HBIQ Program has been designed to provide your company a way to offer a valuable, voluntary benefit that your employees will appreciate and utilize, at no cost to your organization.

The exclusive team of professionals that power The HomeBenefitIQ Program are experts in their respective fields.  They can provide sound assistance based on what’s happening in local community, not elsewhere in the country.  This is a very important distinction for educated decision making.

When an employee can access information and local experts in one convenient location it allows them to focus on their job and to not involve other employee’s opinions or assistance.

Start with choice. More than ever, employees are looking at their non-medical benefits with a highly personal perspective to see how a benefit relates to a real life problem they may have. Since there are currently four generations in the workplace, it’s important to consider four perspectives. Millennials, for instance, are paying off substantial student loans, just starting their careers, and feel the most financially vulnerable. At the same time, Generation X has school-aged children and may also be caring for older parents.

Studies show that companies who offer 11 or more benefits find that 66% of employees recommend their organization as great places to work. By contrast, only 53% say the same thing about companies that offer fewer than five benefits.

The employee and the employer win when an employee is in control of their benefits & finances, and the following may be realized…

  • An increase in productivity
  • A decrease in absenteeism, presenteeism and turn-over
  • Reduced stress levels in the workplace
  • A environment where employees are focused on excelling at their job



To learn how this free voluntary benefit can make a positive impact at your company, please contact Curt Hall, HomeBenefitIQ Plan Director at (877) 439-4410 or Curt@HBIQBenefits.com


Curt Hall
Plan Director


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