Next Generation of Employee Benefits

August 17, 2017

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To remain competitive, today’s businesses are redefining their relationships with employees. Many employers are getting bogged down in the endless details it takes to research, implement, and communicate benefits to their employees. They are also dealing with the rising cost of not only healthcare, but typically all benefits being offered to employees. Many employees are being asked to absorb a portion of the cost of these ongoing increases. Also, employers are not only asking, but expecting employees to become active participants in their benefits selection and utilization. All the while, employees stress over their jobs, the economy and their personal financial situation continues to mount thus costing everyone involved.

With the current state of the economy, what’s becoming widely recognized by employers is that their employee’s financial stress is having a huge impact on their productivity while at work. This stress is causing employees to miss work all together and is contributing negatively to the company’s health care costs. Recently, MetLife’s 9th Annual Study of Employee Benefit Trends (2011) spent nine pages of their sixty-eight page report speaking to the correlation between an employee’s poor financial situation (their “financial illness”), physical illness, productivity levels, and employee absences from work. In fact, 78% of employers say employees are less productive while at work when they are worried about personal financial problems.(1)   Additionally, 58% of employers say that financial stress contributes to employee absences at their company.(2)

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1 MetLife 9th Annual Study of Employee Benefit Trends
2 MetLife 9th Annual Study of Employee Benefit Trends

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