About Employee Home Benefits Services

The Employee Home Benefits Services (EHBS) delivers mortgage and real estate benefits to nearly 4 million people. We created EHBS to provide a valuable service to employers, unions and associations, with helping them strengthen relationships with their employees/members.

As experts in the mortgage and real estate industries, we educate clients before they begin any transaction. That way, consumers receive sound, market-appropriate knowledge, which is vital to making the best lending and real estate choices. What’s happening in Colorado, New York, Texas or other parts of the country is likely not what’s happening in your particular marketplace.

We help employees/members wade through the national media hype to make informed decisions based on what’s happening locally. No matter what state the economy is in, people need assistance and education with their housing and financing choices using specific insight into their own marketplaces.

This benefit is shareable to friends and family of the employees which provides you the company a broader reach out into the community.